Kerry Goode

Art of Pliates is a wonderful pilates experience. Belinda is a lovely and warm skilled pilates instructor who will transform your life with pilates. I'm more flexible, my lower back problems have disappeared and my posture greatly improved

Cindy Haylen

The instructors at Art of Pilates are AMAZING! Every time I attend I walk out feeling taller, longer, leaner and stronger. I love Pilates to help me with my posture, to keep my weight down and muscles toned. The instructors are super friendly and are always giving me a new challenge. I can't recommend them enough.

Leighana Thornton

I really like the small classes and the friendly environment at Art of Pilates. I'm not an athlete and have never done much in the way of exercise, but Belinda and her team helped make getting started much less intimidating. The personalised programs are great, and after a few months I'm feeling much stronger and I'm enjoying it!

Tanya Pisk

This practice is fantastic!! I came in with dreadful pain in my neck and after a few sessions of learning how to sit with better posture in my wheelchair my neck pain has disappeared. My balance has also improved immensely and I am a lot stronger and can sit up much straighter than when I started. Belinda and the whole team of Instructors are incredibly nice, very patient and kind. I definitely recommend who experience pain do Pilates and I recommend Art of Pilates as one of the best!

Roz Laws

I have always enjoyed exercise but degenerate disc disorder has meant that l could no longer participate at the same level. That was until l found Art of Pilates and after only 3 months l am stronger, fitter and pain free. Art of Pilates' Belinda Green is an exceptional trainer, who worked with my chiropractor to design a program to increase my flexibility and core strength. Now l have the freedom to be more active and sleep better as a consequence. I whole heartedly recommend Art of Pilates who has given me a better quality of life and they can do the same for you.

Justine Fenyes

My physio suggested I try Pilates for back and neck pain and referred me to Art of Pilates. All of the instructors made me feel very welcome and I look forward to my classes every week as I always learn something new. What I love is the education behind everything. Belinda and Katrina tell me why I am doing a particular exercise so I understand what I am doing. There are only ever 4 people in the group class so I always feel I am getting personalised attention. I have tried Pilates elsewhere in a larger group and because the exercises had to cater to everybody, I felt that I wasn't getting results. I love that I get my own program and have been going twice a week for 6 weeks. I can already feel and see the difference.

Sascha Moore

Belinda and her team are amazing! All programs are custom and are a great work out

Tracey Miller

I'm a seasoned pilates goer and just tried Art of Pilates in Neutral Bay. I had a one on one class with Belinda. Wow! It was amazing. She is an excellent instructor. I felt challenged and always look forward to my next class!

Kristi Dormer

I love pilates and this studio is fantastic. It's a great relaxed learning environment. The Pilates Instructors are amazing. They really know their stuff I love the pilates classes here.

Sarai Tautari

My second experience with reformer pilates, was with Belinda at Art of Pilates. This was most definitely better than my first experience and I have committed to the practise ever since. Belinda is positive, motivating and very thorough, ensuring your technique is perfect at all times. Belinda excels at both individual and group classes. The group Pilates classes are excellent value for money as classes are limited to 4 persons only, so, you are still able to receive one on one tuition and guidance. I highly recommend Art of Pilates to anyone looking to begin or continue the art of pilates!