Simon Bryce

Simon Bryce
Owner of Art of Pilates and Founder of Mission Possible Fitness Pilates and PT

Simon is the founder, director and franchisor of Mission Possible Fitness Pilates and PT Studios throughout Sydney.  Simon's ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible reach their health and fitness goals in life and to feel happier and healthier.

With a long history in an engineering company, in 2013 Simon made the change towards something he had become extremely passion about  - health and wellness.

With a life time of personal fitness history, Simon became a personal trainer and started his dream to help a thousand people change their lives by running fitness bootcamps at the local park.  Within months this transferred to a large indoor kids trampoline facility, which he ran for over 3 years.  This then progressed to personal training, adult trampoline fitness (which he trademarked Trampfit -  the very first adult trampoline fitness class in Australia at the time!).  From there Simon's sister, Amanda, came on board with her Pilates knowledge.

In 2017 Simon moved into his first Pilates Studio in Bella vista which had 2 rooms.  One for personal training and the other group reformer.  By 2019 they had grown into a full Pilates studio as it is today.

Mission Possible Fitness has a strong family feel and a friendly culture, which they strive to continually develop. We encourage our team to be the best they can so we can give a premium service to you, our much valued clients and "MPF Family” as we call it.

Simon feels very fortunate to have come across Art of Pilates and highly values what Belinda has developed over the years with her team and wonderful clients. His aim is to continue the wonderful work and to add more value to ensure members always have a wonderful experience 

Simon enjoys spending quality time with his family. He has been happily married for 16 years to his wife Renee with two beautiful children - daughter Taylor 13, and son Kaiden 11.

Simon grew up in Sydney’s Hills District, and is still there today, bringing up his own family.

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