Novy Bereber

Novy Bereber
Pilates Instructor

Novy came to Pilates from the world of dance. Starting his career at the Performing Arts High School in the Visayas region of his native Philippines, Novy quickly moved through the highly competitive world of Filipino Dance. Having been accepted into the prestigious National Ballet, he soon graduated to the rank of Soloist, and then became one of the country's most sought-after choreographers and dance teachers. He is one of the few people to have created ballets for all the Philippines' major companies, and in every dance genre.

Novy moved to Australia in 2011 to be with his partner, increase his choreographic experience and also follow his passion for fashion and design.  Novy is currently completing a Certificate IV in Fashion and Business. At the same time his years on the ballet stage began to catch up with him, and to alleviate some serious bouts of sciatica, Novy was advised to take up Pilates. He found Pilates incredibly effective in not only relieving his symptoms, but also in strengthening muscles he didn’t even know he had!

Novy regularly attended Pilates classes and achieved incredible results and therefore decided to combine his dance experience with teaching Pilates and is now a certified Stott Pilates Instructor. Novy loves teaching Pilates and is now working to devise balletic and choreographic sequences to enrich the Pilates experience. He also teaches contemporary dance at the Sydney Dance Studio.

Novy has found working in the areas of health and healing incredibly satisfying. He is now also one of the leading Australian exponents of the revolutionary new therapy, Dance for Parkinsons.

When he is isn’t dancing or teaching, Novy likes to introduce his Aussie friends to the delicious cuisines of his first home, the Philippines, by cooking up little feasts. He has also discovered a passion for indoor gardening in his Sydney loft and whipping up couture creations for his showbiz friends on his trusty sewing machine. He became a proud Australian citizen last year. 

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