Margaret Lim

Margaret Lim
Pilates Instructor

Margaret was amazed at how Pilates added to her strength, flexibility and posture just after a few sessions. Due to her early years of ballet training, she was immediately drawn to Pilates' focus on fluidity and excellence in movement and she quickly fell in love with the Pilates method. After a year of dedicated practice, Margaret decided to fully explore the method and train to become a Pilates Instructor. 

Having trained with STOTT Pilates, Margaret is enthusiastic about using its holistic approach that engages the minds' awareness of the body, to help clients lead healthy and active lives. After a corporate career, Margaret understands how the demands of a desk-bound job can have adverse effects on one's posture, strength and mobility. The best reward, in her opinion, is being able to educate clients on the proper techniques and the basic principles behind Pilates that have made the method so effective and successful. 

Margaret's passion for health and fitness was evident since childhood. As a student, she had trained as a cross-country runner and competed at national level. She always finds the time to move her body, whether it's a tabata or HIIT workout at home, swimming, wakeboarding, paddleboarding or just walking. Today, she continues to expand her anatomy and Pilates knowledge to help clients achieve optimum health and healing through movement. 

Originally from Singapore, Margaret enjoys the reprieve from year-round humidity and being close to the beach. She is a mother of two, loves her coffee and is working on taming her sweet tooth.

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