Katrina Ward

Katrina Ward
Pilates Instructor

Katrina’s love of Pilates came from her first ever Pilates class. Held in the boardroom of Katrina’s corporate day job, she realised how much sense core strength made in movement and life and it helped manage her lower back problems that had nagged her for years. Pilates also has a close relationship to another of Katrina’s passions - dance. From the age of five, Katrina studied jazz, tap, ballet and contemporary, and still likes to get to a dance class when she can. Pilates was intuitive and in sync with her personal style of exercise. She loved the way it made her body feel and wanted to share that experience with others.

From her first Pilates class, she was hooked and became a Pilates devotee for years. To deepen her knowledge further and share the benefits of Pilates exercises to many more people, Katrina decided to become a teacher, teaching Pilates classes before and after work and now has over 10 years experience teaching Pilates

Katrina then went on to further her hunger for knowledge and went on to complete her certifications in Fitness.

Outside of Pilates Katrina has a passion of travel, enjoys catching up with friends, the odd champagne, exercising, going to the beach in summer, being outdoors, listening to music and reading.

Katrina aims to deliver a challenging yet balanced class and for everyone to feel strong and energised as they leave.

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