Claudia Green

Claudia Green
Pilates Instructor

Claudia discovered Pilates after a serious back injury.  She was constantly visiting the physiotherapist and always in pain, that was, until a friend suggested Pilates. Claudia was hooked on Pilates from from her very first session. Pilates gave her hope for the first time since the injury that she could once again be strong and back in control of her body. Her recovery was miraculous. Claudia is now passionate about teaching the joy of good movement to others. She believes that every day should be lived in strength and be free from restriction and pain. From picking up kids, to running for the bus, or jogging, life should be easy and pain free for every one. Pilates can restore the joy of easy everyday movement.

With her passion for Pilates ignited, she enrolled to train in Pilates mat work and then went on to complete a full Diploma in Pilates.  Every day and every body is different and Claudia feels privileged to be able to help others in their journey to strength. 

Over the years Claudia has come to understand that Pilates is so much more than just a focus on your core. It is about strength, mobility and flexibility and the ability to integrate all of these into flowing, effortless movement. As muscles become leaner and stronger, flexibility is enhanced and posture becomes lengthened. Claudia's goal is for her clients to finish each session feeling really great for having moved well.

Claudia believes the key to the perfect Pilates session is individual care and attention and it is her passion to ensure every client receives this.

Claudia is still in awe of all that Pilates has done for her. From having chronic lower back pain after injury to the joy of being able to lift her 9 year old son up and over the biggest waves at the beach. She wakes up pain free every morning and no longer lives in fear and pain and it is all thanks to Pilates.

When she is not teaching Pilates, Claudia is mum to 3 gorgeous children and somewhere between all of that she loves hiking, cooking and reading.

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