Belinda Green

Belinda Green
Pilates Instructor

Belinda has been a passionate health and fitness expert for over fifteen years. From a childhood filled with sport, and an early career in nurtrition and personal training, her journey took a new and exciting direction ten years ago when she discovered Pilates. A holistic approach to fitness, Pilates left her feeling challenged, stronger, happier and recharged. It improved her posture and cast a whole new light on her approach to her body and wellbeing.

In 2006 she decided to take the next step and become a certified Pilates Instructor, giving her the opportunity to introduce the practice into the lives of her clients. With increased demand for her one-on-one classes and training, it became obvious that the time had come to create a studio that specialised in Pilates practices.

Belinda loves working closely with her clients and showing them how to move well with integrity - both in and out of the Pilates studio.  She has a great understanding of working with clients who are suffering pain and injury, particularly lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain and knee pain.   Belinda has experienced lower back pain and neck pain herself and understands how it affects your life and will work with you and show you how to become stronger and pain free.  

When out of the Pilates hub Belinda loves to experiment with healthy cooking and share with the Art of Pilates members. She also enjoys scenic walks around and out of Sydney, swimming for exercise, playing the piano, long weekends away and catching up with family - particularly her little niece and nephew.

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