Why Is A Postural Analysis Important When Starting Pilates?

Pilates Postural Analysis

A postural analysis is necessary when starting Pilates to enable Pilates Instructors to create an exercise program which caters for your needs. These may include injuries, muscular imbalances, weakness, poor posture, lack of range of movement or other physical goals that have brought you to beginning your journey with us.

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Sweet Potato With Eggs And Avocado

Sweet Potato With Eggs And Avocado

At breakfast you should try to get a serving of protein, good fats and slow release carbohydrates.  This savoury breakfast bowl is easy to make and tastes delicious!  You can also make the sweet potato the night before and the eggs if you wish however I do love this with warm eggs.  If doing a morning Pilates class then a very small serving of this is a great way to have energy whilst doing Pilates without the digestive issues.

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Addressing That We Are Multidimensional Beings

Back Massage

It is becoming increasingly recognised in our society today that we are so much more than just our physical body.  There is a direct connection between the mind and our body. The ancient practices and Eastern philosophies have recognised this for aeons and now modern science is slowly catching up as more and more research is proving that indeed the mind and body are intertwined.

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Chickpea Crumble

Admittedly this recipe was kind of an accident.  I rushed home from the Pilates studio to make some lunch and thought I would like a chickpea pattie as so as to introduce more legumes in to my diet.  

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What is the difference between group reformer classes and small group Pilates classes?

Why did Pilates create his own method?  

Initially, Joe turned to exercise and athletics for as a child Joe suffered asthma and other ailments. To battle these ailments he was always studying various exercise programs to expand his knowledge. He became captivated by the classical Greek ideal of a man.  One who was balanced in body, mind, and spirit and from here he began to develop his own exercise system based on this concept.

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Why A Morning Stretch Routine Is Beneficial

Girl Sitting In Pilates Studio

More so than ever, todays’ fast paced, technology driven society is driving our stress levels and anxiety through the roof. As soon as the morning alarm rings, our mind goes into overdrive with the day’s to-do list and more often than not we overstimulate our waking body with social media. 

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Why Exercise Is Important During Winter

Pilates In Winter

As the weather becomes cold and dreary we favour a hibernation mode, enjoying cosy time on the sofa or bed with a cup of tea, reading that new book, catching up on a TV series, not to mention the hearty, warming casseroles.

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5 Top Pilates Myths

Pilates Reformer Legs In Straps

Pilates is not as easy as it looks

Whenever I tell people I am a Pilates Instructor, I often get some interesting responses.  From "oh yes, I do yoga!" or "I am not flexible enough" or "I have a bad back".  There are so many myths and misconceptions surrounding Pilates so we have debunked the top 5 which we come across in the Pilates studio.

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Why Does Pilates Have Such A Focus On Breathing?

Pilates Breathing

Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, said "above all, learn how to breathe correctly.  Breathing is the first act of life".  

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How Does Pilates Benefit The Internal Body?

Whilst some may categorise Pilates as another “workout”, it indeed has greater benefits for your body than you may realise. Pilates exercises encourage greater communication throughout the integrated body systems by promoting energy transport and utilisation efficiency.

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