The Missing Key To Reducing Stress and Injury Thursday, 18th July 2019

The most common way of injuring ourselves is through any type of trauma to the body, like when we fall or bump into something.

The other, less known, way is through poor management of the load we impose on our bodies and nervous system.

We need to load our body structures to get them resilient and strong, but if we exceed the capacity to support load of any structure or tissue in the body (joint, muscle, bone, ligament, etc) we will get injured.

Also when we surpass the level of capacity of our nervous system to cope with emotional and cognitive inputs, we get stressed or tight areas in the body.

That is why in our Pilates sessions we focus on developing body awareness to be conscious of the load we put in the system so we don't overload it too much.

The work we do is not just intended to execute the exercises properly, but it is also a means to teach the body to be aware of the load we impose on it in our daily life. 

One of our students explained how learning this in Pilates had helped her in a difficult situation in her life.

She wanted to move into a new apartment with her boyfriend and they were looking for a new flat without furniture. At the time they both had busy schedules at their jobs, so she was getting really stressed about it.

Thinking about the load management principle she learnt in Pilates, she realised it would be too much, so they decided to move into a fully equipped flat so they could move in right away without the hassle of having to buy the furniture.

After making that decision (managing her load) she noticed that her tension and stress level lowered dramatically.

Proper load management is also the key to get out of injury. Sometimes we rush back into things after being laid off due to an injury, when the tissues are not ready to cope with the load we used to apply before being injured.

To avoid fallbacks, we should increase the load gradually allowing the body to get strong, giving it time to return to the previous level of performance.

At Art Of Pilates our Instructors will always ensure you are guided though the exercises safely and effectively.   If you have any questions, please ask any of our Instructors in our wonderful Neutral Bay Pilates Studio.