Q and A Time With Claudia Green Monday, 3rd September 2018

Recently we had a little Q and A time with Claudia Green.  Claudia is a fabulous Pilates Instructor at Art Of Pilates in Neutral Bay and has been with the team for 16 months.  

Q. What inspires you?

.Clients inspire me! People who are able to manage an illness or injury through their commitment to Pilates.

Q. What is your favourite place in the world?

A. Durras on the South Coast of NSW.  I love heading away for holiday there with my beautiful kids and wonderful Husband.

Q. Where was your last holiday?

A. The UK.  I had a wonderful time visiting and reconnecting with all of our British family.

Q. What is the most outrageous thing you have ever done?

A. Ooh, I probably don't want to share this.  Let's just say there is a naughty side as well as the nice side!

Q. What is your favourite Pilates exercise for you and why?

A. I love bridging.  I hold a lot of tension in my upper body and I find that moving through the center of my spine to be an awesome release both physically and emotionally.

Q. What is your favourite Pilates exericse for others and why?

A. Side lying footwork on the Pilates Reformer.  It is great for clients who find it hard to activate their gluteus.  I find many clients are able to feel a good connection with this.  

Q. What do you love most about teaching at Art Of Pilates in Neutral Bay?

A. I love the values that Belinda holds with such high regard.  That we teach what each client needs not what we think Pilates should be about or what might  look good on an Instagram picture.  Art Of Pilates is about real people and real results and a real commitment to do our absolute best for every single client.

Q. What is your favourite movie?

A. Barefoot In The Park with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford.

Q. Do you have a secret talent?

A. I can wiggle my nose and raise one eyebrow.  Ver handy for parenting! More seriously, I have an innate ability to read people and their emotions just by looking at someone.

Q. What is your favourite quote?

A. Happiness is a direction, not a place.

Q. Do you have a favourite way to treat yourself?

A. If I am being bad, a packet of Twisties and a trip by myself to the movies!