Healthy Banana Pancakes Wednesday, 14th February 2018

Healthy Banana Pancakes

These are the easiest, fastest, yummiest pancakes you will ever make!

Quite often in the morning I am running out the door to get to the Pilates Studio.  As breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, I like to sit down and enjoy a nice meal to start the day.  I am more of a savoury breakfast person but once a week, I LOVE a pancake day!

These also make for a great pre Pilates class snack, however you would only make half the mix and keep the topping light.  

All you need is a few ingredients and a Nutri Bullet or blender.  


1 banana 

3 tablespoons rolled oats

1 whole egg

1 egg white

Yoghurt of your choice. I like sheeps' yoghurt

Rice malt syrup if you like to put on top. I do!

Blueberries or fruit topping of your choice

Oil of your choice. I like coconut oil.


Place oil in fry pan and warm over medium heat.

Place banana, whole egg, egg white and rolled oats in Nutri Bullet or blender and blend until well combined and it looks like a batter.

This batter will make 3 medium pancakes.  Cook until golden brown on bottom and air bubbles come through then flip! Cook a minute or two or again, until golden brown colour.

Top and enjoy!

If you have any questions about what else you could top these pancakes with, please ask Belinda in our Art Of Pilates Neutral Bay Studio.

Belinda x