Sweet Potato With Eggs And Avocado Monday, 21st August 2017

Sweet Potato With Eggs And Avocado

At breakfast you should try to get a serving of protein, good fats and slow release carbohydrates.  This savoury breakfast bowl is easy to make and tastes delicious!  You can also make the sweet potato the night before and the eggs if you wish however I do love this with warm eggs.  If doing a morning Pilates class then a very small serving of this is a great way to have energy whilst doing Pilates without the digestive issues.


Sweet Potato






Chia Seeds

Olive oil


Thinly slice sweet potato and coat with olive oil and cinnamon and salt to taste.  I am quite heavy handed with the cinnamon because I just love it!  Lay out on a tray and bake for 30 minutes, turning the sweet potato half way. Make enough that you can store in the fridge for another meal.

Poach or boil eggs. 

Place sweet potato, eggs and avocado in a bowl and sprinkle with peptias and chia seeds.

It really is that simple. 

Enjoy x