Addressing That We Are Multidimensional Beings Thursday, 10th August 2017

Back Massage

It is becoming increasingly recognised in our society today that we are so much more than just our physical body.  There is a direct connection between the mind and our body. The ancient practices and Eastern philosophies have recognised this for aeons and now modern science is slowly catching up as more and more research is proving that indeed the mind and body are intertwined.

As human beings we are multidimensional.  What constitutes our make up is the physical body, the energetic body, our mental state of being, and our essence. So we need to really understand both the “human” and the “being” aspects of who we are and how we are.

So if we recognise that we are so much more than just our physical body, does it not make sense that when we offer ourselves the support of bodywork therapies such as massage, that as the physical body is being treated we are also having an impact on our state of being physically and mentally?


As an example, have you ever been feeling out of sorts with your mind racing, you have a massage and you come away feeling more relaxed both in your body but there is also a sense of stillness in your mind that you hadn’t previously felt?

Or perhaps you have been feeling off and then practiced some simple exercises such as stretching and breathing, or you have simply gone for a walk and all of a sudden the world seems like a different place?

If we recognise that indeed the mind and body are inter related, what then is going on when we have an injury which doesn’t heal?

With a deeper understanding of the relationship between the body, the mind and emotions can we limit injuries to just the physical body? Could there be so much more going on?

Have you ever experienced an injury or pain and no matter how much treatment you have such as physio, massage or other bodywork therapies the pain continues to linger and doesn’t resolve?

Could it be that although you may have addressed the physical injury or ailment, what hasn’t been addressed is the underlying cause of the ill in the first place. Is it possible there may be a held emotion stored in the body that hasn’t been addressed and it is this retention that is not allowing the body to fully recover and heal?

What is needed is a bodywork therapist who recognises and addresses not only the physical ailment, but who also has an understanding of how we hold mentally and emotionally and the affects that this has on our body. This type of therapy can offer you the space to truly heal by addressing both the underlying cause of the ill in the first place and the resultant physical affect in the body.  

Sometimes there is a missing link when dealing with injuries with respect that we are not just a physical being we are multidimensional human beings.

Donna Gianniotis is a Massage Therapist (Remedial Massage and Esoteric Massage), Connective Tissue Therapist and Yoga Therapist who loves to explore with her clients the root cause of the ailment they present with.

Donna practises in North Sydney and Cammeray.  

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