What is the difference between group reformer classes and small group Pilates classes? Thursday, 13th July 2017

Why did Pilates create his own method?  

Initially, Joe turned to exercise and athletics for as a child Joe suffered asthma and other ailments. To battle these ailments he was always studying various exercise programs to expand his knowledge. He became captivated by the classical Greek ideal of a man.  One who was balanced in body, mind, and spirit and from here he began to develop his own exercise system based on this concept.

In 1912  Joe refined his ideas and trained other internees in his system of exercise. He rigged springs to hospital beds, enabling bedridden patients to exercise against resistance, an innovation that led to his later Pilates equipment designs. An influenza epidemic struck England in 1918 killing thousands of people, but not a single one of Joe’s trainees died. This, he claimed, testified to the effectiveness of his exercise system.

Typically, Pilates is practiced under a qualified Pilates instructor’s close supervision and instructed with control, fluidity and form.  Too often these days you will find large group Pilates reformer classes to be more of a "general fitness class” and the Pilates Reformer machine being used simply as a workout tool.

The ideal number of participants in a Pilates class is 4-5.  This way the instructor can get to know each individual’s body, which exercises they need for their posture, injuries (if any) and goals.  It is not a “one size fits all” program as every body has different strengths and challenges and different Pilates exercises are going to better for some bodies than others.  This is why it is important that you work with a program which is specifically designed for you so you can work on the exercises you need to to better improve your body.

In small group Pilates class you will learn more as the group is small enough to have individual attention and be able to educate you about each movement and why it is good for your body. With such individual attention, Pilates Instructors are able to catch very slight discrepancies which throw off your form during any movement. When you perform a movement with incorrect form, even just slightly off, your body uses different muscles and you do not get the same benefits out of the exercise as you would with the correct from. The hands on experience and personalised exercises really made a huge difference.

Belinda x

If you have any questions please always feel free to ask one of our fabulous Pilates Instructors in the Neutral Bay Studio.