Why A Morning Stretch Routine Is Beneficial Wednesday, 21st June 2017

Girl Sitting In Pilates Studio

More so than ever, todays’ fast paced, technology driven society is driving our stress levels and anxiety through the roof. As soon as the morning alarm rings, our mind goes into overdrive with the day’s to-do list and more often than not we overstimulate our waking body with social media. 

Allocating a few minutes to yourself to awaken your body and mind is a great habit to establish which will enhance your mental focus and physical strength for the proceeding day.


Smooth, slow and deep breathing patterns assist with clarity of the mind. Our minds are absorbed with constant stimulus, so beginning your day by checking in with your body, feeling where any tightness has manifested overnight and stretching to find length and alignment will leave you feeling centred and grounded to embark on your day with focus and clarity.


It is surprising how much tension our bodies hold and manifest from one day to the next. Muscular tension and/or imbalance of alignment can have many negative effects through other parts of the skeletal system. This may manifest and result in pain, discomfort, anxiousness and/or fatigue. Our body is a tensegrity structure, whereby balanced alignment enables the most efficient use of energy. Imbalanced alignment has a negative effect on the body’s energy utilisation, requiring more muscle activity to compensate. Stretching will assist to identify and lengthen tight muscles to rid tension and pain, introduce core awareness for efficient movement, and offers us a rare opportunity in the day to appreciate our bodies and all that we ask of it. We owe it to our bodies to “tune in” for 10 minutes each morning and in return we will reap the benefits throughout the day to come. Correct alignment and balance throughout the body also assists digestion.


Ideally, stretching your entire body through all movement ranges/directions is most beneficial for awakening and aligning. Try to include:


 (eg. reaching to toes)

Girl Flexing Forward On Exercise Ball


(eg. swan)

Girl Doing Pilates Swan Stretch In Art Of Pilates Studio


(eg. book openings)

Girl Doing Chest Stretch On Pilates Mat


 (eg. mermaid). 

Spending a few minutes focusing on your breath with some deep core activation will switch on your centre “powerhouse” to support you through the day to come.

Happy stretching!

Natalie x

If you have any questions please always feel free to ask one of our fabulous Pilates Instructors in the Neutral Bay Studio.