Blueberry Crunch Breakfast Bowl Friday, 5th May 2017

Blueberry Crunch Breakfast Bowl

It is true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It provides your body and brain with fuel after an overnight fast.  Breakfast also restores glucose levels, an essential carbohydrate that is needed for your brain to function. 

Breakfast is certainly my favourite meal of the day and as much as I love eggs and avocado, it is nice to have variety.  This Blueberry Crunch Breakfast Bowl is lovely and warming and includes slow release carbohydrates, fibre, protein, antioxidants and it's creamy and delicious and free from sugar!


Rolled Oats


Stevia - if wish to sweeten oats

Sheeps Yoghurt - I love Meredith Dairy 

Blueberries, pureed - fresh or frozen


Chia seeds

Pumpkin Seeds


Cook a small serving of rolled oats in water or almond milk on the stove, add cinnamon and stevia if sweetness is needed.

Place the oats in the bowl, then layer next to the oats the yogurt then the blueberries. 

Sprinkle the buckinis, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds on top.